Single Panel - Radius Detection Shoplifting Prevention System - Self Install

Product ID KT7060-A
Price: $1209.24

The Single Panel System - Hard tags only

"Great for clothing only stores." 

This system features a single panel transceiver. The system functions in nearly the same way as the standard RF systems, but at a wider aisle width and requires only one antenna to operate. This system can detect tags within 5 feet (152.4cm) on either side of a single panel and if two panels are used, an opening as wide as 20 feet (6.09m) can be protected. Another advantage of the single panel system is that the electronics do not have to be synchronized, which minimizes installation time and after sales service.

Height:   60" (152.4cm)
Width:   14" (35.6cm)
Depth:   1" (2.54cm)
Weight:   10.5 lbs. (4.8kg) with Power Supply
Frequency:   4.6MHz

 Tags and labels sold separately.

Comes with necessary baseplate. Just set it up, plug it in, and begin preventing shoplifting.


- We will help you configure your store with these systems to help ensure you get the right equipment.

- Comes in Black / Silver.

- Easy to install. 


- This system will help you deter employee and customer theft. 

- Fits into almost any retail plan.