Vector - Single Aisle Shoplifting Prevention System - Self Install

Product ID KT7105-A
Price: $1486.20

The Vector System

"High-tech retail security in any environment." 

  This is the latest system design. It is a transceiver system and requires only one antenna to make it work. This system can detect both hard tags (up to 5 feet on either side of the antenna) and labels (up to 3 feet on either side of the antenna). These systems require no synchronization (hard wiring) between systems nor do they require synchronization to our deactivators. This significantly reduces installation time as well as after sales service.

Height:   60" (152.4cm)
Width:   12" 30.48cm)
Depth:   1" (2.54cm)
Weight:   12.5 lbs. (5.7kg) with Power Supply
Frequency:   8.2 MHz

Tags and labels sold separately.


Comes with necessary baseplate. Just set it up, plug it in, and begin preventing shoplifting.



- We will help you configure your store with these systems to help ensure you get the right equipment.

- Comes in black / silver.

- Easy to install. 


- This system will help you deter employee and customer theft. 

- Fits into almost any retail plan.