Multi-Pocket Countertop Business Card Display Holder
This acrylic business card holder is constructed for counter top display. It is available with 6 or 9 business card pockets. Choose from the options below.
Price: $20.28
Multi-Pocket Wall Mount Business Card Display Stand, Also available for Gridwall and Slatwall
This acrylic business card display stand is a wall mount unit. Display multiple business cards with the option of 6 or 9 business card display options. Also available for slatwall and gridwall. Choose from the options below.
Price: $19.51
Multiple Ornament Stands - Available in 2 Sizes
This acrylic ornament stand his hinged in the center. It holds up to 12 ornaments and is available in 2 sizes. This is a great way to display multiple items using minimal counter space. Choose from the size options below.
Price: $16.88
Narrow Countertop Mirror, Acrylic Base
This narrow counter top mirror is ideal for counter top display. It's narrow frame and base require minimal use of counter space, allowing more room to display your merchandise. Measures 6"w x 12"h.
Price: $13.49
Novus 1 Acrylic Spray Cleaner
Cleaner especially designed for acrylic. Will not scratch surface. Keeps acrylic shiny and fresh looking! Helps you keep your acrylic in like new condition.
Price: $6.71
Novus 2 Acrylic Polish
To remove fine scratches from acrylic use Novus 2 Acrylic Polish. Product comes in an 8oz squeeze bottle and will reduce the look of wear and tear.  Helps keep your acrylic in like new condition
Price: $8.40
Novus 3 Acrylic Polish for Heavy Scratches
To remove heavy scratches use Novus 3 Acrylic Polish. With proper use it will return some life to your damaged acrylic surfaces. Helps keep your acrylic in like new condition
Price: $11.03
Outdoor Brochure Holder for 8 1/2" x 11" Brochures
This large outdoor brochure holder is made for outside use and holds a brochure or flyer that is the size of a standard piece of paper.
Price: $13.52
Paperweight Stand, 2"h
This acrylic paperweight easel provides display support for any lightweight item. Tilted angle offers premium display view. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Price: $1.28
plexi shoe floor mirror 12"w x 18"h - 12 per box - Clear
Allow customers to easily view your footwear product with these plexi floor mirrors. Mirrors are constructed of durable plexiglass, to withstand a turbulent retail environment.
Price: $321.60
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