Acrylic Riser - Choose Size
These display riser are constructed of 3/16" clear acrylic. Flame polished edges give this item a smooth finish. Available in cascading sizes or as a full set.
Price: $7.33
Acrylic Riser Set of 3
Create you own unique display with these clear acrylic display risers. Nesting risers can be mixed and matched to suit your current display needs easily. This acrylic riser set has 1/8" clear acrylic. You get: (1) 3"w 3"d 3"h (1) 4"w 4"d 4"h (1) 5"w 5"d 5"h square risers.
Price: $8.05
Acrylic Riser Set of 3
Acrylic risers are an ideal way to showcase your merchandise. Multi-level risers allow you to create your own design and clear acrylic complements any decor. This set contains (1) 12", (1) 14", and (1) 16" square riser.
Price: $172.01
Acrylic Riser with Sign Holder Front
You can use this riser to elevate products while also using the built in sign holder to identify your merchandise or communicate with your customer.
Price: $5.03
Acrylic Rotating Hook Display, 18 Hooks
This rotating hook display is ideal for displaying keychains, jewelry, or any other accessories you wish to display. It features 9 hooks on each side, for a total of 18 hooks. This unit measures 8"w x 6 1/2"d x 12 1/2"h, and is perfect to place on a counter top.
Price: $32.18
Acrylic Rotating Necklace Display, 17 Holes,
This is a rotating acrylic necklace display, able to display up to 17 necklaces. The top is 7" diameter and the necklace holder is available in 2 heights.
Price: $38.58
Acrylic Scroll Riser
This elegant acrylic scroll riser has rounded ends that turn under in a half circle. Risers are made from clear acrylic and blend well with any retail environment. Curved design lends an air of sophistication. Risers are available in a variety of sizes.
Price: $30.44
Acrylic Shelf Talker with Sign holder
Slide this acrylic point of purchase display under your product to bring attentions. The built in sign holder can hold any graphic you print up to 1 1/2"H x 10" W. The acrylic shelf talker measures 10"w x 12"d, so it will have no problem staying on your shelf.
Price: $8.62
Acrylic Shoe Insert, 9"l x 5"h
These acrylic shoe inserts are ideal for showcasing your footwear in 3D. Inserts are lightweight and economical, simple to insert and remove. Clear acrylic construction is highly durable and gives a clean professional look.
Price: $1.94
Acrylic Shoe Rest, 2 1/2"h x 1"w
Display your footwear in a semi-upright position for all customers to easily view with these acrylic shoe rest displays. Retail shoe rests allow customers to view shoe in toe rest or heel rest position.
Price: $1.03
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