Retail Tubing

There are different types of tubing that you can use to build wall systems with. Here you will find the tubing and hangers for those retail systems.
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16" rectangular tube faceout vertical twist on for rectangular tube rack - 25 per box
Maximize your display area with these 16" rectangular tube faceouts. These faceouts attach to any vertical rectangular tube with a twist mount, allowing you to extend your retail space easily.
22" rectangular tube faceout for rectangular vertical twist on - 25 per box
These rectangular tube faceouts are simple to mount to your existing vertical metal tubing with vertical twist on clamps. 22" length allows you to display a large amount of inventory.
rectangular tube telescoping faceout vertical twist on adjusts 16", 19" 22" for rectangular rack - 25 per box - Chrome
These telescoping faceouts for vertical tubing are the ultimate in versatile retail display. Customize your display by adding additional display space, which can be adjusted to 16", 19" or 22" depending on your current need.
Hook for rectangular tubing with  90 degree tip - 100 per box - Chrome
Extend your retail display quickly and effectively with these display hooks. Hooks are available in a variety of lengths and feature a 90 degree tip to keep merchandise in place.
splicer for rectangular tubing fits  1/2" x 1-1/2" - 200 per box - Chrome
These rectangular tubing splicers allow you to connect two pieces of tubing to create a continuous display area. Splicer fits 1/2" x 1-1/2" rectangular tubing.
end cap plastic for rectangular tubing flush top and bottom - 100 per box - Chrome
Finish your retail display tubing with these plastic end caps. Each cap is made of durable hard plastic and mounts flush with the metal tubing. Creates a professional look.
splicer for 1" diameter 14 gauge round tubing - 100 per box - Chrome
This round tubing splicer allows you to extend your retail display area easily and economically. Cuff like design allows you to connect the ends of 14 gauge round tubing together for a continuous display area.
Square tube faceout vertical twist on for square tube rack - 25 per box - Chrome
This square faceout mounts to your existing vertical tubing, allowing you to create additional retail display space economically. Each faceout has a ball stopper on the end to keep merchandise in its place.
7 ball square tube waterfall vertical twist on for square tube rack - 25 per box - Chrome
Customize your display tubing with these seven ball square tube waterfall. Waterfall allows you to display several different items in one place by separating the items for shoppers easy view.
5 hook waterfall square tube for  1" square tube vertical twist on - 25 per box - Chrome
These waterfalls have five sturdy hooks, ideal for displaying handbags and others bulky items. Waterfalls have rear twist-on mounts for 1" vertical tubing.