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Wooden Glass Countertop Case With Flat Top
This wooden countertop case is perfect for displaying items at a convenient area for customers. The large glass area allows more ambient light into the display area of the case increasing visibility.
Price: $214.28
Wooden Octagon Countertop Display Case
The solid construction of this countertop display case is due to a solid wood construction. For added visibility one 50watt halogen light comes standard with this display case. This keeps products consistently visible at all times.
Price: $408.12
Wooden Ornament Display Rack
This wooden ornament display rack features a simple design that can blend in with your pre-existing décor very easily. The products displayed are easily accessible from all sides.
Price: $102.32
Wooden Spinning Retail Bin Display
The tiered design of this wooden spinning retail bin is great for organizing items and makes it much easier to browse through the selection. The minimal design of the retail bin display is great for blending in with your pre-existing décor.
Price: $577.52
Wooden T Shirt Display Rack
There is a spinning mechanism built directly into the base of this wooden t shirt display rack. This allows customers to browse more easily. Each side of this t shirt display has bins for access from any angle
Price: $686.78
Wooden T-Shirt Display Spinner
Revolving shirt display with casters and four acrylic holders. An excellent and stylish way to showcase and store your latest men's and women's shirts or blouses. Choose in either black, maple, or cherry. Acrylic slat wall T- shirt display not included.
Price: $290.78
z brace add on for 01-001ch double bar straight rack - 1 per box - Chrome
This brace is simple to mount on your double bar straight garment rack and allows you better stability in displaying a larger amount of merchandise. Bar is constructed of rectangular metal tubing.
Price: $99.67
z rack Chrome osha orange base with add on rail and hardware - 1 per box - Chrome
OSHA Z Rack Double Rail This rolling rack has chrome uprights and an orange safety base with rubber bumpers. A second rail is added for additional merchandising space.
Price: $79.42
Z-rack Chrome with osha orange base and 4" wheels with brakes & bumpers - 1 per box - Chrome
OSHA Z Rack This rolling garment rack has chrome uprights and an orange safety base with rubber bumpers to save your walls and legs. These straight z racks nest together to save you space if you have more than one.
Price: $85.18
Zig Zag 2 Sided Wicker Basket Display - 1 per box
This is a zig zag, 2 sided wicker basket display.
Price: $140.38
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